To begin again – a sketch from the roof

From the rooftop, Boudha, Kathmandu

Boudha, Kathmandu

from the rooftop
colours blend through
rain-covered lenses
marble pools like
melted rainbow

clothes stick
to me bewitched
by thick air
its heat unsettles
like piled-on
woollen blankets

in streets below
cars spit dirt
on muddy kids
their laughter mixed
with prayer bells
chorusing between
tall houses

this divine chaos
is not lost on me
it comes from
all directions


up here i dream
i’m floating under
water heavy with
symphonic echoes

quiet exists
deliciously and
only inside

Side note: 

As many of you know I have recently moved to Kathmandu, Nepal. I am staying here for a little while primarily to work with the Women’s Foundation Nepal, a project partner of the Global Women’s Project of which I am Director back home in Melbourne. I feel incredibly lucky to have found myself in the company of some formidably passionate and capable Nepalese women and there are no doubt many great things ahead for the partnership! If you’re interested in staying in touch with the work of our two organisations please subscribe to our GWP blog.

Although I will no doubt also write about my work here, this blog, Burning the Couch (which has been been asleep for so long!), is primarily a space for me to reflect creatively on the deeply personal decision to come to Nepal. Like so many people tired with the banalities of modern life I really found myself wanting back in Melbourne; craving inspiration, more creativity, colour and chaos. I’ve been here just two days now and already I am heady with it. In such a place the words just flow.

If you, like me, feel an urge to get off the couch, or to set fire to it, please do keep reading.

In gratitude, namaste x

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