about me

Of the many things I do and the few labels I attribute to myself I am, and will remain: a seeker, a humanitarian, a feminist, a musician, a writer, and a fighter.

As a general rule, I think we spend too much time on the couch. Yes, the couch is cosy, comfortable, and familiar, but don’t you ever find yourself wanting more? Look around. Despite its many flaws and injustices, the world is actually a pretty amazing place if you give it your time.

Even though I’ve always thought that blogs were pretty self-indulgent things, and I think I probably still do (but stuff it), I hope that those who read this one are inspired in some way to get off the couch, embark on an adventure, to do something good, to make new connections with themselves and other people, and to enjoy the things in life that transcend borders and unify all of us. And for me, this blog is not just about getting off the couch, but setting fire to it.

I currently live in Kathmandu, Nepal, where I work with the Women’s Foundation Nepal, a project partner of the Global Women’s Project of which I am Director back in Melbourne, Australia. I will be here for a little while, working on developing the partnership between our two organisations, discussing program and project opportunities, and no doubt learning a lot from the formidable women who work here.

This blog is ultimately for everyone who has supported, and continues to support, my work with communities around the world, who are kind enough to indulge me in my creative pursuits, and who identify with the incredible power of music and words to transcend borders and to connect people.

And it’s also for me.

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